PneumaPure Technology

PneumaPure Technology combats cross-contamination

Each SleepAngel product is an effective barrier to infection because of the PneumaPure filter device integrated with the cover of the product.

The filter is a physical barrier that lets the product ‘breathe’ but stops pathogens entering. While ordinary bedding often exposes patients to a reservoir of infection, SleepAngel products prevent that risk.

A proven barrier against bacteria.

The filter is an engineered microporous membrane laminate that is hydrophobic and acts as a breathable barrier. Because the filter has an extremely high fractional efficiency, it prevents even the tiniest liquid- and air-borne pathogens passing through to the interior of the product. Also, it is uniquely strengthened and adapted for cushioning applications.

As well as creating a proven barrier against bacteria, the filter membrane allows the underlying product to ‘breathe’. This is important because air transport in and out of the product is essential to allow proper shaping and draping to the patient.

PneumaPure Technology allows the product to ‘exhale’ when the patient’s weight goes onto it, but it also blocks the passage of bacteria-carrying particles, especially when the weight is removed and the product ‘inhales’.

A key feature of PneumaPure Technology is the fact that it provides a physical barrier rather than a chemical one. Unlike chemical methods, it does not try to combat contamination by using similar contaminants to those that it seeks to control.

There is increasing evidence that the use of anti-bacterial fluids and chemicals in the fight against superbugs is actually increasing their level of resistance to eradication.